A knight and a lady~ Long, long ago,
Love for them ~ Never showed,
Stolen moments ~ Shared by two,
Even their families never knew,
These moments were never shared,
A lover’s tryst ~ Silence declared,
Conversations were almost nil,
Silence at night ~ Only bodies feel,
Time was sparse ~ Truth was known,
The knight would never take his lady home,
Yet, she held on to all of her dreams,
Knowing her knight ~ Lived right up stream,
He was always close ~ And always far,
She believed in her knight and falling stars,
Moments to minutes ~ Minutes to hours,
Praying her knight ~ Would scale her tower,
Days to weeks ~ Weeks to years,
Her in and out knight ~ Never saw her tears,
Still she waits ~ Still she believes,
Still she prays ~ Still she grieves,
The knight and lady ~ Find their space,
Happiness reigns ~ With God’s Grace,
The knight and his lady ~ Found time was good,
They learned to laugh and talk as they should,
Time was for them ~ Became easy and flowed,
Not perfect ~ But together on life’s road,
The knight and his lady lost looks with age,
Wrinkles and weight ~ Plagued this stage,
The lady not looking ~ Feeling secure,
Was truly shocked ~ When her knight left her,
Gone ~ Just gone ~ He never said why,
Yet, he wonders back ~ And asks to retry,
He wants to wander and rove again,
He wants his lady ~ To take him back in,
Sharing her knight ~ His lady can’t do,
Because she loves him ~ She bids him adieu.


 The Essence Of Stuff

When dreams die ~ Where do they go?
When they are gone ~ Noticing is slow,
Where is the promise ~ Where is the hope?
Exactly where was the slippery slope?
With youth came life ~ With life came dreams,
Each day was exciting ~ For idealistic teens,
First there was college ~ More parties than not,
The future a plan ~ Education was bought,
Not always learned ~ Until it’s to late,
College is over ~ And living’s a state,
For those who studied ~ Made it to class,
Who turned down the beer ~ The lad or the lass,
Who went on to be ~ Who ever they are,
Did they find their dream ~ Did they go that far?
Or are they as lost ~ As the dreamers became?
Who took a wrong road ~ While searching in vain,
Did they really know ~ Who they wanted to be,
Are they truly happy ~ With their degree?
How does a teen ~ Whether a lad or a lass,
Know the roads to take ~ The roads to pass?
Are they happy with the roads they chose,
Or are they as lost ~ As the dreamers and prose?
Could one have to much ~ The other not enough,
Does it really come down ~ To the essence of stuff?
Dreams were stepping stones ~ Not a path to the end,
For the student ~ The dreamer ~ Long ago friends.


Memorial Poetry vs. ~Me~
Trying to find the me inside,
Emptiness ~ No tears to cry,
Not much reaches and grabs hold,
Is my heart made of stone?
For friends in pain I can be,
What they seem to need from me,
I know the words and what to say,
When a friend cries with pain that stays,
I can hold their hand and not let go,
Walk their road as silence flows,
I can stay with them day and night,
Or sit on the phone as they recite,
The horror that has been bestowed,
The pain they believe ~ That no one knows,
I can give their pain ~ Unknown words,
Entwined with pictures ~ They feel heard,
Take these words and pictures too,
Matte and frame ~ Their past in view,
This seems to give some relief,
And yet, they hold it ~ And cry in grief.

Where is the me? ~ When I summon them,
I don’t cry ~ For her or him,
Where is the me? ~ Why don’t I cry?
Am I dead? ~ When did I die?


A Bow Tie Or A Gown

History recalls all types of unjust,
A Declaration written ~ To inspire trust,
Our forefathers envisioned ~ This land of the free,
To be pure and honest ~ So, all could believe,
All were invited ~ The homeless and poor,
And a pilgrimage began to the new world,
The birth of a nation ~ A government formed,
Equality inferred ~ But, not yet born.

History is happening for all to see,
In America ~ The land of the free,
Presidential elections every four years,
Primaries determine whose name will appear,
The Democrats are split ~ The states are too,
A black man ~ A woman ~ Made their debut,
One will be nominated ~ One will stand down,
Which will it be ~ A bow tie or a gown?

History means leaving the past behind,
Implying the present ~ Is no longer blind,
Remembering the past as the minorities do,
Understanding ~ If not ~ Believing their views,
Can a nation come that far,
Understanding a people marred?
Being blamed for the past and the present too,
Can America forget and begin anew?

History of women ~ Remembering when,
“The She’s” ~ As second class citizens,
Men had all rights ~ Men ruled the day,
Wives and daughters ~ Had no say,
Women organized ~ Fought for their rights,
Making life better because of foresight,
Women did win ~ Women could vote,
America improved ~ A new law was wrote.

History gave way to progress each day,
As immigrants came and made their own way,
At first the immigrants made areas their own,
Trying to mimic their left behind homes,
As each man succeeded ~ Money bred “Greed”,
Progress met horror ~ As man became steed,
Black men were striped from family and clothes,
Posed on a block ~ Auctioned and sold.

History isn’t pretty ~ But, it made this land,
It took years to free the slaves of man,
Women were chattel ~ Belonging to men,
Never knowing what the future held for them,
A war ensued freeing the slaves,
And preserving the states of the day,
A different kind of war set the women free,
A Reverent Nation was on bended knee.

History has come full circle this year,
As a black man ~ A woman ~ Discover a new frontier,
The voting is up according to polls,
And candidates keep stepping on each others toes,
The rhetoric of what they have to say,
Means little at the end of the day,
Their race and gender are all that’s new,
And history will verify ~ This to be true.


America for Sale

Lady Liberty beaconed a call,
Come in ~ You’re wanted ~ One and all,
A melting pot ~ It was said,
America’s Blessed ~ Your futures ahead,
So they came from all lands,
Working hard was the plan,
The mix was good for the most part,
America was young and she had heart,
Neighbors helped neighbors in every way,
And this worked for many days,
Yet, as America grew and formed,
The birth of a government ~ Democracy was born,
This too was good because people had voice,
It empowered a nation by giving them choice,
Democracy was based on a simple thought,
Majority rule ~ Thus, the voting plot,
This too worked for a century or two,
Progress vs. Democracy ~ America might loose,
The neighborly way fell by the wayside,
No one noticed ~ No one cried,
It happened slowly over time,
American values were on the decline,
As the government grew identity was lost,
The people became smaller ~ Less say ~ The cost,
Neighborhoods became towns and towns became cities,
The people became faceless and that was a pity,
Searching for a place to belong,
Minorities formed ~ And became strong,
Minorities now have more than a say,
There belief’s now rule the day,
Money now is the voice of the land,
Everyone knows this and understands,
New laws now say “Majority Rule” isn’t right,
The Tyranny of the Minority rejects Liberty‘s light,
They came to prosper ~ They came to live,
Progress demands ~ A changed America instead,
Lobbyist are bought ~ Officials too,
The “Land of the Free” is no longer true,
Money begets money and friends are bought,
America for Sale ~ Plot by plot,
Hollywood now is pushing their views,
The young listen ~ Not having a clue,
Bands are now doing the same,
Politicians should be ashamed,
America for sale ~ Could it be?
America for sale ~ No longer free.
As the flag waves and the wind plays,
Off in the distance an auctioneer bays,
A small part of America held up and viewed,
America for sale ~ She’s declined in value,
The Pledge of Allegiance ~ And prayers to God,
Are no longer allowed on public school sod,
As foreigners come to America’s shores,
Not as welcomed as they were before,
They come to America ~ They come to be free,
Yet, they recreate their homeland’s decree,
Americans also hurt this land,
By never taking an unwavering stand,
Farmers bring in aliens to tend their crop,
Buying foreign products has to stop,
Big business here is owned over there,
And Americans act as if they don’t care,
Yes, they stomp and they cuss the news
But, throwing a fit just won’t do,
Doing without ~ Refusing to buy,
Keep America going ~ Don’t let her die,
The fore fathers from this beautiful land,
Scream from their graves ~ “Take A Stand,”
They died taking a stand ~ They died in the belief,
That Liberty was worth death ~ Democracy worth grief,
Take back the past ~ Take hold of the Now,
Reclaim America ~ And give Lady Liberty a bow.



This poem is how I see our home land changing.  One night I was watching
Brian Williams on the NBC News.  He did a news story about:  AMERICA FOR SALE. 
I could not find his clip.  So I did a search and found the stories in print that
 Brian was covering.
1.  Foreign Investors Eyeing American Icons?
2.  Abu Dhabi fund snaps up NY's Chrysler Building



Liberty Ford ~ The White House


Two weeks is time enough,
To clean up what the men messed up,
Time enough to state the facts,
No washy-washy ~ This-and-that,
Foreign affairs is such a mess,
Thank God ~ Our Land Is Blessed,
Helping others is nice to do,
But it’s not help ~ If they don’t “thank you”,
Being invited to a war,
Is preferred to blowing down doors,
With no invite ~ You just don’t go,
Death can wait for those souls,
Now, on to finding just one man,
Who roams the mountains in Afghanistan,
It does not take the Army and Marines,
Hire three good assassins ~ Three unseen,
Pay them well and trust in truth,
All the while you’re saving our youth,
Next on the list ~ Is countries that hate,

They make it well known to the United States,
They burn American Flags for all to see,
As they rant and rave in effigy,
Not a problem ~ Just let them be,
Let them hate ~ The Land of the Free,
When their world is falling apart,
When they cry of pain and broken hearts,
As death tolls grow and infections set in,
And they need doctors, nurses and medicine,
As their hunger grows and their babies die,
Will they miss America during these times?
You can’t buy friends ~ It’s been said,
Sometimes it hurts to turn your head,
America has some problems of her own,
Fixing them would be easier if she stayed home,
There is hunger right here in the U. S. of A,
There is no reason for this today,
Lady Liberty also has her sick and hurt,
With no insurance they just get worse,
This is wrong and it should cease,
Along with the homeless who live on the streets,
“We take care of our own” ~ It’s nice to hear,
The simple truth is ~ These words aren’t sincere,
“We feed Americans first” ~ It has to be,
This should be America’s Decree,
“America the Great” ~ It was once said,
But that America ~ Is almost dead…
Politicians who were voted in,
Has torn her apart limb-by-limb,
Spending here ~ Giving there,

Taking pay raises year after year,
Saying the Pledge and Prayers too,
Are no longer the things to do,
The Ten Commandments ~ No longer displayed,
No longer needed in America today,
The same America where immigrants flocked,
Where the tired and poor once came and docked,
So, Lady Liberty has grown with age,
She is no longer the land of yesterday,
Some have taken issues with the forefather’s rights,
And now, America has lost her sights.
Two weeks with polling booths in place,
This will not be a political race,
All fifty states will vote the issues,
Majority wins so don’t be confused,
If the losers can’t live in the land they chose,
Those are the breaks ~ That’s how it goes,
Hate America ~ She’s gone - Off foreign land,
Remember that when you need a helping hand,
Bring your war to America’s coast,
And your homeland ~ Just became toast.


Write me in November 2008. I figure TWO WEEKS is all it would take
before some one assassinates me… Oh well, that’s life!
Note: Write me in November 2008. I figure TWO WEEKS is all it would take before
 some one assassinates me… Oh well, that’s life!



Network Television ~ The Small Screen

The big three are taking hits,
Loosen viewers bit by bit,
Cable is here and here to stay,
For the big three “sweeps” decay,
TV is changing by leaps and bounds,
Taboo’s no longer can be found,
Anything goes ~ Everything’s game,
There are no rules ~ Nothings the same,
Sex and violence is where it’s at,
The nastier and meaner is really phat,
Foul language is no longer bleeped,
What a society sows ~ It will reap,
Bad is good and good is bad,
Idols and heroes are self serving cads,
Cancer has reached the world of TV,
Infecting society as progress proceeds,
Values and morals are on the decline,
As the world feasts on violence and crime,
Ratings are a networks blood,
Cable produces a higher octave of sludge,
To stay on top ~ To make the grade,
Is to hold to lost values that were made,
Hold on big three ~ Hold on tight,
Don’t go down without a fight!!!

Write me in November 2008. I figure TWO WEEKS is all it would take before some
one assassinates me… Oh well, that’s life!



“Country Roads take me home,
To the place where I belong...”
The radio plays the song,
Martha silently hummed along.
Camp Cup Cake did they say?
Martha’s new home is quite ok,
Set in the mountains a beautiful site,
Her eyes watered at this invite,
Her days will change from to and fro,
She’ll learn things she didn’t know,
Martha will meet more common folk,
She’ll learn to be the butt of jokes,
She’ll no longer be the boss,
Heavier will be her weighted cross,
Work will take on a different meaning,
So will the way she does her cleaning,
Profits won’t come in the form of stocks,
Bonds will bind her and doors will lock,
Her “good works” are now on hold,
As her days and nights are both controlled,
By uniformed guards who patrol this lot,
Women criminals who just got caught...
Silently humming those words again,
Missing her life ~ Remembering when,
“Country Roads take me home,
To the place where I belong...”

Note: * Inspired by John Denver's Country Roads

President Ronald Reagan

The Elite

As a man and as a President too,
You lived and loved now your life is through,
Moved on ~ Not finished ~ You’re among peers,
Your life’s not diminished ~ But you’ve a job here,
You’re one of the few ~ Among The Elite,
There waiting for you ~ Go take your seat,
Halls lined with portraits ~ Will now come to life,
Presidents and patriots ~ All live in the night,
These men are assembled ~ To guide living hands,
When the world trembled ~ The Elite took command,
So now, The Elite will live with you,
You’ll meet George, Abe & John Quincy too,
J.F.K. and Richard N.

Remember them ~ Your old friends,
Decades will pass ~ Time will fade ~
But time means nothing in the shade,
You’re needed now in this time and place,
To join brilliant minds that time can’t erase,
Like your predecessors when they came,
Doing a job that they once framed,
There job isn’t over and neither is yours,
The Presidency is an unending tour,
As part of The Elite their intent is sincere,
Protecting their country is why you are here,
So you live in the shadows unknown to mankind,
Serving your Nation from one step behind,
Keeping her safe by day and by night,
Securing her from evil’s own plight,
So please remember as you work in the dark,
Don’t just guide the hands but touch the hearts.



My Baby Girll ~ Did I Say?
"I'm grown up” ~ I hear you say,
But I’m taken back to yesterday,
You were my first ~ “My Baby Girl,”
Believe me ~ You were my world,
Bright blue eyes that twinkled so,
I was never going to let you go,
I tucked you in every night,
I kissed and hugged oh so tight,
Time did slowly slip away,
“My Baby Girl” ~ Did I Say?
School days came ~ It was time,
You were proud ~ But I cried,
You made friends and learn to play,
“My Baby Girl” ~ Did I Say?
Junior High was next in line,
No need to worry ~ You did fine,
Barely a teen and you were a beauty,
Boy Patrol became my new duty,
But even here you did okay,
“My Baby Girl” ~ Did I Say?
High School days came at last,
You grew up much to fast,
Boys with cars ~ My biggest dread,
Murderous thoughts ran through my head,
Graduation was now at hand,
The day for which you had planned,
With pride and tears I did pray,

“My Baby Girl” ~ Did I Say?
Now, you’ve met your Mr. Right,
You want him to kiss you goodnight,
You love him and he loves you too,
Your next step is saying, “I Do,”
This adventure will be for life,
You my dear will be a wife,
So, if you see your mom cry,
I think you might know why,
My little girl is slipping away,
“My Baby Girl” ~ Did I Say?


Horace Greeley

“Go west young man” someone said,
So folks everywhere began to tread,
Explorers saw and passed on the news,
Then the pilgrims went searching too,
Land everywhere so it seemed,
Beautiful land and air so clean,
Rivers, lakes and mountains high,
Valleys, Plaines and beautiful skies.

“Go west young man” read the lad,
It was the best idea he ever had,
A wagon train was going that way,
He was going west, leaving today,
The lad grew from a boy to a man,
He became a cowboy in this land,
He rode horses and wrangled cows,
He slept outside on the ground.

“Go west young man” was the quote,
Men flocked just carrying their tote,
They were running to their dreams,
Finding a fortune in gold it seems,
Back breaking work all for gold,
 Many men died mining their hold,
  Men, men and more men came,
Few found fortune ~ Few found fame.
Go west young man" is in the past,
  This land filled up relatively fast,
Explorers, pilgrims and cowboys too,
In history books with stories to view,
 If they could see this land of theirs,
If they could once more breath the air,
Would they wonder what went wrong,
 To their land and beautiful homes?

"Go west young man," someone's words,
Who ever said them ~ He was heard,
The pilgrims have long since past,
And the gold rush didn't last,
The cowboys ~ There's still a few,
That era is almost through,
Slaves were freed and women vote,
"Go west young man" a biased quote.

"Go west young man", century's fade,
Progress ensued ~ To this land's dismay
Land no where so it seems,
No more beautiful lakes and streams,
Mountains high have been invaded too,
No where is sacred ~ No place immune,
The forests depleted ~ The sky is polluted,
The wildlife has been pillaged and looted.

"Go west young man" is heard again,
But the west is burning will it end?
Fires ~ Fires ~ Human mistakes,
The west is burning in their wake,
Earth quakes also plague the west,
Destroying all in it's quest,
Yet, this journey is as it began,
Calling out, "Go West Young Man."

"Go West Young Man"  A quote coined by Horace Greeley

Horace Greeley
1811 - 1872

Picture was found on




The picture cuts to a school forsaked,
Shots were fired the sounds rang out,
Horrific acts and death about,
Terror scrambled through the air,
The scent of blood everywhere,
Running, pushing, falling too,
Where to run ~ What to do?
The police arrive and then the news,
Terrorized parents descends in broods,
The gathering crowd silently pray,
That their loved ones didn't die today,
As families find and grab hold so hard,
Other families are being cut by shards,
As the smoke settles so does the fray,
Two more children died today,
Children killing children is new of late,
A ticking bomb ignited by hate,
Usually brought on by ill words and deeds,
Worse when others pretend they don't see,
Snobs and bullies play their games,
Believing they're funny ~ Never ashamed,
Words and deeds do take a toll,
Little by little it destroys a soul,
Hate begets hate which takes a life,
Leaving others behind learning to cry,

All lives touched and changed for good,
Depression seeking it's own box wood,
Darkness has fell all through this town,
As earth covers two more burial mounds,
A journey now starts although not seen,
Each step a nightmare of sleepless scenes.
Not asleep, not awake, just barely alive,
How are these families supposed to survive?
Moms and dads who can't even speak,
Brothers and sisters who cry in their sleep,
Friends who relive those minutes of horror,
Stripped of their pals ~ Robbed of tomorrow,
Living and laughing now play in their minds,
Rewinding and playing it one more time,
Hearing voices that are no longer,
Makes their loss so much stronger,
The walking wounded hide their pain,
A few are close to meeting "insane",
The mind is fragile and the young are frail,
Will they survive their "Day-in-Hell"?



A long time ago away, way back,
There was a little boy named Jack,
He had bare feet and a freckled face,
He loved his dog and his fishin place,
Jack loved his summer care free times,
And he dreaded those school bell chimes,
School was held in a single room,
All grades taught from eight till noon,
Then time for lunch ~ Each had a sack,
And finally recess for little Jack,
Playtime comes but once a day,
In a one room school to Jack's dismay,
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic,
The teacher is tough and very strict,
Each child has a writing slate,
To do their lessons ~ Then sit and wait,
For the teacher to work with their grade,
They had better be done or they would pay,
For if they acted up in class,
They would get their knuckles wrapped,
But days in a one room school,
Were often hot or very cool,
There were no fans or central heat,
No easy way to retreat,
Like Jack most had a long walk home,
To finish lessons and chores alone,
Little Jack missed his summer days,
But as he grew so did his ways,
So Thanks to the teacher and one room school,
Jack grew up to be no fool,
He learned to listen ~ He learned to be,
The Best Little Jack ~ That Jack could be.

A Stuffed World

A white gorilla named Naykimsue,
A red and white kangaroo,
Raggedy Ann has her rocking chair,
And Raggedy Andy sits with her there.
The white poodle guards the TV,
Brown baby gorilla longs for a tree,
Pink elephant - Mrs. Clark thinks and plots,
Blue mouse on her trunk is never caught.
Shaggy cream dog is nick-named Creature,
Cookie Monster too is a main feature,
All colored dog his name is Ted,
Then there's the animals on the bed...
There's Duffels and baby their attached,
Also, the chipmunks are quite a match,
Then there's Gloria the baby seal,
Not to forget, the teddy-bear, Buddy Bill.
That only leaves one more to explain,
He's everything but normal or sane,
His colors are brilliant ~ He is not dull,
And his friends just call him Purple Bull.
There are eighteen here you've been told about,
Oh there's one missing ~ But don't pout,
He'll make it, He's coming, He's slow you see,
Of course, it's the slow moving turtle, fiddle-le-de...


Picture of stuffed gorilla came from the site:  This Place is a Zoo


An Invisible Voice

A solitary voice in the back of his mind,
Searching and longing for something to find,
A yearning so great, so deep and so wide,
It was hard to acknowledge but harder to hide,
Sitting alone in his living room place,
Wishing this voice at least had a face,
He went to the kitchen for wine and a glass,
Turned on the music and hoped it would pass,
Switched out the lights and sat on his couch,
He was now ready to drown the voice out,
But the voice got louder with each passing note,
To the sink with the wine and away it did float,
Switched off the music and turned on the light,
To the staircase he went in a downward flight,
He threw the door open and slammed the door loud,
And now the world was there crowd,
He sat on the porch as calm as could be,
If the voice were there he could not see,
Had he beaten the voice at its game?
Or was It a plot ~ Was It a frame?
Could it be sitting here by his side,
Waiting so calmly for it's time to bide?
Ready to strike when he'd least expect,
Enjoyment In knowing it did not reflect.
Was this a plan or did he win,
Or, are they going to play again?
How do you fight an invisible voice,
What weapons to use ~ Is there a choice?




   Big brown eyes and a little round face,
   A beautiful smile that radiates grace,
     Long dark hair down her back,
    She lives in a world under attack,
    No bombs or guns are in her world,
      Only words are being hurled.
    Her mom and dad argue and fight,
      So she cries on these nights,
   She don't understand what she hears,
      But the fighting instills fear,
      Then she gets a belly ache,
   How much more can a little girl take?
God bless this baby with the big brown eyes,
     Hold her close when she cries,
   Protect her from the hurt she knows,
Give her strength and wisdom as she grows,
    Hold her hand all through her days,
    Let her keep her childhood ways,
    Give her peace in her family ties,
    Take away her questions "why",
   Please stay with her and hold her hand,
    Because her world is a scary land,
      Help her family to find away,
    To save their family from decay,
       ~ A mom ~ A dad ~ A little girl ~
    Let happiness rein in their world.




My Dearest Tiffany,

I wish I knew exactly when,
So, I could change the past again,
Change you back to my little girl,
And live again in our sacred world,
This time I'd cherish everyday,
Everything that has slipped away,
I'd hold your hand and cuddle you close,
I'd tickle your belly and get your nose,
We'd play SORRY forever and never sleep,
Because this time you'd be mine for keeps,
We'd play basketball just like before,
But this time we'd play more,
Forget gymnastics and pre-school too,
To much structure for my little you,
I wish that I had understood,
How I'd miss this world ~ That I would,
But everyday you grew some more,
Now you're the young lady that I adore,
Here it is your senior year,
And I'm the one shedding tears,
You're all happy and smiles as it should be,
But Gorgeous it hard to set you free,
It's breaking my heart to let you go,
So please Sweet Heart, walk real slow.

I Love you,



Dear Jesus,

My daughter is raised and moving on,
Towards I hope a brighter dawn,
My main concern is for her life,
Only You can walk by her side,
Only You can hold her hand,
Only You can understand,
I worry so much about her still,
My little girl is grown but free willed,
She doesn’t think before she speaks,
She prefers riotous to being meek,
She will follow a friendly foe,
Never knowing when to let go,
Her heart is broken more than not,
Searching for friends in the wrong spots,
She doesn’t realize they’re not friends,
Until troubles found in the end,
I’m asking You to hold her tight,
Wrap her in love and show her light,
Only You can see her soul,
I’m her mom ~ Please don’t let go,
She needs You to lead the way,
To hold her hand everyday,
You gave her to me a short time ago,
I made mistakes as You know,
Since she’s no longer a little girl,

Only You can guide her world.


Now, You have blessed her with a son,
Life’s full circle has begun,
Teach her to hold with gentle hands,
To play and love all that she can,
Guide her heart ~ Set her feet,
Remind her ~ That someday You’ll meet,
Help her to know her baby’s soul,
And to realize that babies don’t know,
They know nothing until they are taught,
It sounds simple but it’s not,
A single mother sometimes forgets,
Anger flairs ~ Then regrets,
Let her see and understand,
That her words and deeds ~ Will make him a man.


Finally, You have sent my boy,
He is my heart and my joy,
Being a grandma ~ I never wanted to be,
So, I’ve settled for being a G,
Let me say ~ My life is great,
This little boy was worth the wait,
Love sparkles in his little eyes,
Giggles radiate for no reasons why,
Hugs and kisses are always free,
The way love is meant to be.

Thank You Jesus ~ For this special soul,
My little feller ~ Is a blessing ~ I know.



 Myself in the 6th grade 
From The Inside Looking Back

From the inside looking back,
Hearing news of more attacks,
Seeing pictures of children dead,
Seeing blood that's so deep red,
News reels catch the ending scenes,
Chaos flowing into the streets,
Children running from fear inside,
Seeking refuge as tears slide.
From the inside looking back,
Understanding some attacks,
Memories flit before my eyes,
My ears hear my distant cries,
The hurt still lingers as I hear,
Taunts from my friendless peers,
"X's" marked their hands and arms,
"Shields" from me ~ Was their charm,
Everyday they marked their skin,
Everyday I hated them,
Called nick-names with a laugh,
I hated school for all of that,
After years of this abuse,
Fighting back I wouldn't loose.
From the inside looking back,
I dreamed and planed my attacks,
My mind could picture vivid scenes,
Sometimes murder was the scheme,
I just wanted to fit in,
So, I dreamed of killing him,
Just one boy ~ I would kill,
So, the taunts would finally still,
He was a bully in every way,
He started everything everyday,
If I could make him disappear,
Maybe my world could find cheer,
If he no longer came to school,
The other kids wouldn't be so cruel.
 From the inside looking back,
 I never enacted my planed attacks,
 Violence wasn't accepted back then,
 As it is now, in this world we live in,
 Mayhem and murder went left undone,
 So, these parents still have a son,
 I understand the pain of a child,
 Hurt turns to desperation after a while,
 The boy is lucky and so am I,
 He because, he didn't die,
 I because, he made me strong,
 Heaven knows ~ He was wrong.
 From the inside looking back,
 Know there are children under attack,
 Know there are children that will wind up dead,
 Laying in their own blood that's sticky and red,
 School cameras now will catch these scenes,
 But chaos will still enter their dreams,
 This is what happens when evil resides,
When Good meets Evil ~ And Worlds Collide.




As a man he stands with pride,
His values held deep inside,
He always walks his own path,
His mind is free of mental wrath,
He loves his wife with all his heart,
He has this down to an art,
A family man ~ Is his pleasure,
He thinks of them ~ As his treasure,
As a father he tries to guide,
With his moral compass deep inside,
He’s always there to lend a hand,
To help his children learn to stand,
As a grandfather he likes to play,
He tells stories in his own way,
Stories that teach and end with a sigh,
Stories with wisdom that money can’t buy,
With his grandkids ~ The world he gives,
So, they can learn ~ And really live,
Now, a great grandpa ~ A “GGP”,
And silly faces ~ For the baby to see,
This great grandchild is a lucky boy,
Because his “GGP” is a wonderful toy,
He leads by faith ~ He just believes,
In a God that no one sees,
Trust and faith go hand in hand,
Thus, his world is unplanned,
Wisdom is held by very few,
It is his gift ~ Thankfully true.


My Cole Boy

My Darling Cole

My Little Feller ~ My Cole Boy,
You are a blessing and a joy,
You are a wonder and heaven sent,
God gave you with much intent,
He entrusted you ~ To all of us,
To help you grow and to trust,
To show you paths and crossroads,
To give you strength for heavy loads,
He laid you in your Mothers hands,
So she can help you become a man,
You are her love ~ You are her heart,
This my dear is how it starts,
But He also gave you to me,
A gift of Love ~ For this “G”,
As I hold you and watch you sleep,
I can hardly believe you’re ours to keep,
Each day you grow ~ Each day you change,
Life will lead you down many lanes,
As you wonder ~ And darkness falls,
You will hear your “GG” call,
From her you’ll learn inner trust,
She’ll walk with you from dark to dusk,
She’ll hold your hand and make you smile,

As she speaks of family all the while,
She’ll give you your past by the stories she tells,
Listen my Dear ~ Learn them well,
You have your Great Grandpa’s name,
He’s a man of Honor ~ A man with no shame,
He’ll teach you things that you must know,
Helping to shape you as you grow,
He’ll teach you to walk strait and tall,
He’ll give you Pride through it all,
You’ll have to learn to walk with Faith,
For God has blessed you with His Grace,
God gave you life ~ God gave you Soul,
Keep love in your heart ~ My Darling Cole.

I love you,




Where did You go?
I need direction,
Your answers are slow.
Floating in a haze,
Inside my mind,
My thoughts don’t gel
My words are blind...

Where might You be?
I’m waiting for You,
To help find me.
Lost inside,
My own being,
Searching for You,
Hear my pleading???

Shut out...
And in,
What did I do?
What was my sin?
Unto myself,
Caught in this haze,
Please show Thyself...

Restore my soul,
Give back my heart,
Erase the haze,
Lift the dark.
Let me speak...
With pad and pen,
Give back my words,
Erase my sin.


Kara & Cole Boy

 I Want You To Cry

I want you to cry,
Shed real tears,
When the world is awry,
And steeped in fear.

I want you to cry,
As you hear a sad story,
Don’t stifle a sigh,
Don’t give in to the gory.

I want you to cry,
For an animals pain,
Feel the hurt inside,
Have no words to explain.

I want you to cry,
For the hungry and poor,
Don’t turn aside,
Don't walk out the door.

I want you to cry,
As you watch the news,
As a young man dies,
Shed a tear or two.

I want you to cry,
For the child that is taken,

For the unsung lullaby,
For a world that’s forsaken.

I want you to cry,
For innocence lost,
For yesterday’s lies,
For tomorrow’s cost.


*President Ronald Reagan suffered & died with Alzheimer's.


Vital people once living rich lives,
Wake up one day locked inside,
From babes to teens to adulthood,
To older and slower ~ Regressing childhood,
The body is fragile as is the mind,
Making the elderly even more confined,
Gradually, losing parts of themselves,
Stored up memories laid on shelves,
Tension and fear invades their thoughts,
As they try to remember ~ All for naught,
Family members try to ease their fears,
As memories fade ~ All shedding tears,
They sense the darkness that goes unseen,
Pulling them deeper into a murky tureen,
Condemned and imprisoned is the soul,
Where Alzheimer’s lives ~ No ones consoled.



Fear runs through all veins,
Turning the normal to insane,
It debuts in different forms,
Nothing now resembles norm,
Abusiveness rears it’s head,
Suicidal seeking death,
Arguments now ensue,
Fear reins in all venues,
Crying eyes swollen and red,
Quietness also is to dread,
Lost in fear in plain sight
Searching for that ray of light,
Searching - searching - searching still,
Trying to find and know God’s Will,
Looking around and watching all,
Wondering if it’s worth it all,
Lost to all ~ Even ones self ~
Has this soul been laid to shelf?
Has this life been lived for naught,
Has this soul been eternally caught?
Injured just by watching the days,
Wounded mentally ~ Felling decayed ~
Life is lived by others it seems,
While this soul is caught in a world of dreams.

Hello ~ Goodnight

Hello Time,
Hello Age,
Hello Death,
Hello Rage.

Time was Then,
Age is now,
Death is always,
Rage Renowned.

Time is now,
Age was then,
Death is always,
Rage is sin.

Time way back,
Age was young,
Death is always,
Rage cursed by tongues.

Time is old,
Age is wise,
Death is always,
Rage subsides.

Goodnight Time.
Goodnight Age.
Goodnight Death.
Be gone Rage.



Nightless nights,
Dayless days,
Nothingness sights,
Grayless grays,
Living are dead,
Dead don’t die,
Hell is a head,
Anguish cries,
Fog rolls in,
Covers the earth,
Satan grins,
Malicious mirth,
Breathless breaths,
Heat does rise,
Smell of death,
Bodies fry,
Agony unending,
Shadowed laughter,
Death descending,
Hell ever after.



A dreamer of dreams,
Which can never be,
Being lost in a world,
That can't be believed,
Hopelessly wondering,
Through the paths of a mind,
Searching and groping,
For dreams that are blind,
Daring to live,
Where life was exiled,
A sentence delivered
Passed on and then filed.
Rejected and forgotten,
Are the punished few,
They search for the words,
That paint the world anew.
An artist of dreams,
With glorified words,
Give notice to all,
Yes, even the birds.
Whether prose or poet,
Or colors of a brush,
A dreamer of dreams,
Composers all of us.


Picture found on Google Images page 5:
 Picture from lhs.lexingtonma.org

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