Dolly Parton

"Hello God ~ Hello Dolly"


There's so much ~ That you should know,

You carry a message ~ Without ego,

Your words speak to mankind,

Of morals and values ~ Left behind,

You have the pulse ~ Across lands and nations,

Reminding the world of Revelations,

"Hello God" ~ An anthem to pray,

A plea for help ~ Seeing decay,

You don't fear God ~ Your music's your soul,

You follow His lead ~ Trusting Him so,

Truth is your power ~ You see glory each day,

You sing to the world ~ What you're told to say,

Thank you for sharing ~ The world that you see,

For clarification ~ And how we're perceived,

You lead with your heart ~ Your laughter and smile,

You are a messenger ~ With no pretense or guile.

So Thank You Dear Lady ~ For Capturing His Words,

Hello God Is A Message ~ That Needs To Be Heard.


"Hello Dolly"

You truly are ~ An American gem,
By words and deeds ~ You glorify Him,
A need to say ~ A heartfelt Thank You,
For Who You Are ~ And All That You do.

Jerri-Faye Thomason ©

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