Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina became Pope Francis I on 13 March 2013.

Dear Papa,
(Poem hi-jacked by "G" ~ oops)

As the “G” of a young Catholic boy,

His words and memories ~ His to enjoy,
Excitement followed ~ As if running a relay,
Talking as fast ~ Of the Pope’s day,
His words to share ~ His to hold,
Of Papa’s Grace ~ As T
he Boy Told.


We are the 5th grade class of Flaget,

We watched your visit every day,
Just to see you on American land,
Walking and Touching ~ Hearts and Hands,
You shared graciously ~ Your Religious Romance,
American hearts opened ~ And became entranced,
A story book visit ~ Of one gentle man,
You stopped and touched ~ Your fellowman,
Religion did not stand in the way,
As history was written ~ Kindness displayed,
TV’s were on ~ And the world came to see,
All standing ~ Mentally on bended knee,
The Multitudes Believed and Prayed,
That your visit ~ Could be America’s Crusade,
Blessings and kisses ~ Brought smiles and tears,
Your gentle face ~ Will be remembered for years.
Over-and-Over ~ You said, "Pray for Me,”
Those you asked ~ Touched by your plea,
You became real ~ To American youth,
God Bless You Papa ~ For Speaking The Truth.


*Written for my grandson ~ His class, friends and school, 
So they will always remember ~ That Pope Francis was cool.

Mrs. Wilson ~ 5th grade class
Mrs. Wilson ~ Religious Teacher
Mrs. Lori Wissel ~ Principal
Fr. David Fleck ~ St. John's Perish
Flaget Elementary School ~ Vincennes, IN
Catholic Diocese of Evansville, IN

*{Poem seen through a little boys eyes and a G's words.}

JerriFaye Thomason© 2015

                               "As Hope Disappears  ~  Faith Steps In" 

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