Pvt. Tiffany J. Thomason

Two Days A Year

Two days a year ~ Belong to a few,
Who risk their lives ~ For the Red, White & Blue,

Two days a year ~ Are set aside,
To remember those who live and died,

Two days a year ~ Does this seem right?
For those who guard both day and night,

Two days a year ~ Out of three-sixty-five,
Men ate and slept and hid outside,

Two days a year ~ Belongs to them,
Now only family remembers her and him,

Two days a year ~ “Holidays” now,
A three day weekend ~ Games all around,

Two days a year ~ To “Thank a Vet”,
Sadly this Nation ~ Doesn’t realize their debt.

~ Thank You All ~ Where would we be without you


A VACATION!!! ~ Is this true?

A VACATION!!! ~ Is this true,
As American’s die for you?
It’s to hot during August days,
So, Iraqi officials do not stay,
A civil war engulfs your land,
Your people are dying ~ Understand?
What’s a few degrees here and there,
If you love your people ~ Show you care,
Stay and work on your government to be,
Help your homeland ~ By hearing her pleas,
Help mankind by becoming strong,
Make a distinction between right and wrong,
A troubled land since the beginning of time,
A history written ~ A future to unwind,
Make your government ~ Your hearts desire,
Give her truth and kindness for all to admire,
Show your children that people can change,
A nation can grow ~ Dreams have no range,
All things take time, foresight and design,
A government on vacation ~ Is a government blind,
Especially one in the midst of a civil war,
Where no one is safe ~ Not even God’s Door.

A VACATION!!! ~ Is this true,
As American’s die for you?
It’s to hot during August days,
So, Iraqi officials do not stay,
A civil war engulfs your land,
Your people are dying ~ Understand?


Bob Schieffer Commentary:

(Click on streamline link above, ad will play first and then his
commentary will load + play)


***Four Years Later***

“Wars, wars and rumors of wars,”
Self destruction now a revolving door.
Iraq is at war inside and out,
Americans now have many doubts,
Lead into war and blindly so,
Believing the President ~ Not seeing ego,
Four years now and no end in sight,
Was this war wrong ~ Or was this war right,
Wives and husbands ~ Moms and dads,
Say to the government ~ Wars not a fad,
Service men and women too,
Have served their time ~ But still aren’t through,
Russian roulette is now the game,
America the Great ~ Brawn vs. brains,
Death tolls rise and rise and rise again,
Is this a war that one can win?
Questions form and die in thought,
Answers are not truly sought,
Should troops stay or should they leave?
A country destroyed ~ A country bereaved,

Iraq has lost so very much,
Iraqi vs. Iraqi ~ Their own personal touch,
A government formed to no avail,
Iraqi soil ~ Known as hell,
But back in the U.S. of A.,
Democracy is supposed to win the day,
Elections come and elections go,
Representation is no longer so,
Call your congressman and senators too,
Relay your thoughts ~ See what they do,
Chances are they will raise their pay,
For phone calls and letters ~ Make longer days,
What is this war truly about?
Most believe “OIL” without a doubt,
There are a few ~ Who just don’t know,
If oil is the answer ~ Why do gas prices grow?


President George Bush

 ~War Is Living~

War is living ~ Yet, people die,
This simple fact ~ Makes men cry,
Democracy is a wonderful word,
However, some believe it’s absurd,
Some hate this beautiful land,
Fearing what they can’t understand,
So they fight ~ So they kill,
Trying to break the back of free will,
They see pride as an evil plight,
They can’t see freedom with no insight,
In darkness they were born ~ And prefer,
Their life isn’t living ~ It’s what they endure.
War is living ~ And death tolls grow,
Wishing it over ~ Doesn’t make it so,
Is fighting this war wrong or right,
Is there an answer within sight?
How do you leave a people in need,
A country that’s broken and people that bleed?
Hope and happiness doesn’t roam the streets,
Car bombs and gunfire never retreats,
Children can’t just run and play,
Death awaits and never sways,
No where is safe ~ Every day’s the same,
Is freedom worth it ~ Or, is it to blame?
War is living ~ Hate does spread,
What once was a dream ~ Has become dread,
A government is trying to form,
Trying to find it’s way in a street war storm,
Elected officials die in the streets,
Making life better is no easy feat,
Echoes from the past call out so clear,
“It wasn’t that bad,” the voice said with a tear,
What is the truth? Let them speak,
Let them say “Fight or Retreat,”
Not the Government or Heads of State,
Let the people speak ~ For it is their fate.
War is living ~ War is hell,
How do you break ~ An evil spell,
How do you know when it’s time to let go,

Time to say ~ “You’re on your own.”
How do you come home ~ When so many died,
How do you explain to the wounded vets who tried?
What do you say to the mothers that cry,
About their children who had to die?
What of the wives and husbands at home,
Who cry in the night because they’re alone?
Talk of the children without moms and dads,
Explain to them ~ Why this war was had.


Bush acknowledges public discontent  - Link unavailable - August 29, 2007
Oct. 25: President Bush concedes that the United States is taking
heavy casualties in Iraq and says, “I know many
Americans are not satisfied with the situation” there.  The
picture also came from the above article on MSNBC.




A Sea of stones lay in a field of green,
As restless souls walk this terrene,
Under each stone lays a man,
Who gave his life for his land,
He gave up much ~ He gave up all,
He wavered not at his country’s call,
Freedom was his battle cry,
Freedom was why he died,
Many wars have been waged,
Many prisoners have been caged,
Many starved - some were gassed,
Others tortured till they passed,
They lost their lives - for a vision,
It was to them an easy decision,
All who lay in this sea of stones,
Were more than just blood and bones,
They were patriots of this land,
They’re what made America grand,
They fought the red coats for this dream,
A baby nation was born by screams,
Many wars followed ~ many men died,
As a nation collectively cried,
Each generation has had it’s views,
Each generation has paid it’s dues,
A war here ~ A conflict there ~
America has learned to prepare,
She sought no fights nor backed away,
She stood for goodness in every way,
Lady Liberty is America’s face,
Her torch of light portrays her grace,
Freedom wasn’t cheap or free,
Many died for this decree,
A sea of stones has paid this debt,
God Bless America & The American Vet.


We the Thomason & Heath Family would like to say "Thank You."
Not just to the military men and women of past and present generations,
but to all of their families. For they know the true cost of war.
God blessed America when she was born. The military was built and
designed by patriots. As of late, our own government and judicial
system has begun tearing America apart. We all know this, it all started
with the separation of Church & State. Everything that made us strong as a
nation is disappearing. We are so pampered, we set back and watch and
complain. Yet, we do nothing. It is our military, our patriots that stand
and fight. They believe in what they are doing. They see tomorrow in their
dreams, so they stand. For the most part, they stand alone. As a nation we
really don't even take care of their families. SHAME ON US!!! Just remember,
God did not turn his back on us. We, America, turned our back on God.


This page is dedicated to our men and women,

young and old, who have served to keep America

safe. All are heros.  We owe you so much ~

And support you so little.  Thank you's don't

get it.  Apologies are to few.  And yet, for

most Americans ~ It's all we can give.

***May God Bless You All ~ Thank You***


  Abu Ghraib Prison

Pictures flit across the screen,
Vile pictures ~ Truly obscene,
Bodies entangled and wound so tight,
Multiple bodies stacked for height,
Some of the subjects wore bags as masks,
One wore undies and was displayed to bask,
In the pictures were soldiers that smiled,
Proud of the art that they styled,
Laughing at the tormented men,
Slapping and smacking ~ Discipline,
American soldiers ~ Prison guards,
Sent to protect Iraq’s yards,
Protect and fight for Iraq to be free,
Sent to do good ~ Not to impede,
America proud to extend her hand,
To this country in the desert sand,

Seeing what Saddam had done,
To his people and their sons,
Murder happened everyday,
The lost were found in mass graves,
America truly wanted to give,
A better future ~ Her only motive,
Then these pictures hit the press,
American soldiers no one could dismiss,
Horror swept through this land,
This isn’t what America planned,
These pictures smacked America’s face,
And left a stain ~ A stain of disgrace,
This is a chance for Iraq to grow,
An infant democracy is bestowed,
Freedom will now live in the news,
Listen to the different views,
Democracy lives as the system weaves,
This is your chance ~ Open your eyes ~ Believe.



Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Picture from same article



Saddam Hussein


“We got him” were his words,
Understood by all who heard,
Cheers rang out and shouts of joy,
As the news traveled to our boys,
Dingy and dirty a cornered rat,
Saddam was found just like that,
No fight was left in this man,
Running and hiding his only plan,
The big dictator succumbed to fear,
Hid in a hole and arms in the air,
Stating his name to save his life,
As soldiers imprisoned this lowlife,
His countrymen cheered at the news,
Happy to end his evil coup,
Starting to believe that Iraq can be free,
Everyday’s closer to this decree,
Hussein maimed, tortured and killed,
He did this on whim and at will,
Now, he’s in his own prison walls,
Waiting on Iraqi justice to call,
Waiting and wondering about his fate,
Knowing redemption is way to late,
Knowing Iraq is no longer his toy,
Brings pain to Saddam ~ And to Iraqi’s joy.


    For more information - Updated August 29, 2007 Picture from CNN

  President Bush Addresses Nation on the Capture of Saddam Hussein 

... Office of the Press Secretary. December 14, 2003. President's Remarks ...


Tuesday, September 11, 2001
2nd Anniversary

Remember when ~ Remember how,
Terror struck U. S. grounds,
By taking hostage of the air,
Horror reined and still lives there,
That day lives on everyday,
The effects of it ricocheted,
Many died and lives were destroyed,
Businesses fell leaving unemployed,
Wall Street wobbled but didn’t fall,
Our young answered our president’s call,
By thousands they left American shores,
To fight “Terrorism” at it’s core,
So we’re in Afghanistan,
Trying to destroy the Taliban,
We went to war in Iraq,
Putting Saddam under attack,
We freed a people from wicked hands,
We’re trying to help them learn to stand,
Some are happy ~ Some are not,
The war is over ~ Still soldiers are shot,
9-1-1- that “infamous” day,
It lives on in so many ways.


Updated August 29, 2007  ~  For more information -

US Dept of State - 9/11 Remembrance and Reflections ... White House spokesman Scott McClellan

said that September 11, 2003, will be a "somber day" in the United States to ...


The U.N. headquarters in Baghdad is shown
before and after Tuesday’s explosion.

 BAGHDAD ~ August 19, 2003

A moment of silence,
Heads are bowed,
Flags at half staff,
Prayers around,
~ Another bomb ~
~ Another attack ~
More dead bodies,
In the New Iraq,
A suicide bomber,
A flatbed truck,
The UN headquarters,
Is now blown up,
Security was lax,
Reports the news,
Giving trust to a country,
Offering a truce,
The reality is harsh,
In this desert land,
More Iraqians have died,
By Iraqian hands,
Soldiers are digging,
Through the debris,
In hopes to find life,
They want to believe,
They’re here for a reason,
To rebuild Iraq,
For this they’re drying,
By daily attacks,
Freeing a country,
That spits in their face,
Leaves soldiers wondering,
Why they’re here in this place?


Picture from CNN Truck bomb kills chief U.N. envoy to Iraq

Updated August 29, 2007




Al Jazeera, CNN to the Mid East,
Aren’t reporting what the world sees,
Their people are feasting on pictures of pain,
And feeling sorry for Saddam Hussein,
They don’t hear a people cry out,
A people in anguish and doing without,
They don’t show their hungry eyes,
They don’t hear their pleas and cries,
They reject that the torture is done,
But if it is ~ It’s from an Iraqi son,
America has attacked Iraq as a whole,
Not freeing a people from Saddam’s hold,
They haven’t shown to their people,
The bombs and guns hid in temples,
Iraqi schools where soldiers stayed,
Fear instilled ~ No children played,
They haven’t shown the Iraqi’s cheer,
As the marines and soldiers neared,
They didn’t show the statue fall,
It was the moment, Iraqi’s called,
They climbed his frame and took a rope,
They noosed his neck and they found hope,
Yes, Americans helped to pull it down,
But, the Iraqi’s pulled his head through town,
They smacked his face with soles of shoes,
And they tore his portraits right into,
This was their moment ~ They shouted with glee,
It was what the world waited to see,
It brought tears to many eyes,
It answered many questions “why?”
But Al Jazeera didn’t show these stories,
They stripped away the Iraqi’s glory,
Yes, war is a nasty place to be,
But these people deserve to be free,
When neighbors don’t take a stand,
Death and pain go hand in hand,
People have to know in order to care,
Al Jazeera neglected here,
Tainted stories ~ Tainted lies,
Blind to seeing ~ Deaf to cries,
Selected issues ~ Pictures too,
May have helped this evil coo,
Editing the news ~ Narrowing the sites,
Al Jazeera added to their plight,
This helped abuse to live and grow,
They pretended they didn’t know,
It’s easier now to understand,
These people in a distant land,
Distant yes ~ But people still,
Iraqian’s now finding free will,
America, Great Britain, Australia and Spain,
Fought for this country ~ Against Saddam Hussein,
Freeing this people ~ Freeing this land,
May Al Jarzeera find conscience ~
And neighbors understand.


Al Jazeera does not mind showing graphic pictures of American & British military and civilians brutally murdered.  However, they did not want to show how happy Iraqi's were when help arrived. 

Click on this link:   Al-Jazeera: News channel in the news


Iraq ~ 2003

Listen to the news at night,
Wonder if your kid will fight?
Fear for family and for friends?
Fear for Country and All within?
Listening to hear who leaves next,
Turmoil has left all perplexed,
Yes, there’s reason ~ Yes, there’s need,
But, it’s Our Children who will bleed,
First, we were chasing just one man,
And he was in Afghanistan.
To fight terrorism we would hunt him down,
And show the world that we stood our ground.
Some way, some how we turned in our tracks,
And found that we were back in Iraq.
Fighting a war from ten years past,
Now, we’re going to finish that task.
We’ve asked our Allies to stand United,
Except for England our Allies quieted,
Their only statements are wearing thin,
“Inspections ~ Inspections ~ Inspections again, ”
We’re moving our troops by day and by night,
Some sailing in and others by flight,
Thousands are there in the mid-east waiting,
Thousands more are here going through training,
Terrorism is spreading to every shore,
It doesn’t knock ~ It bombs down doors,
Yes, there’s reason ~ Yes, there’s need,
But, Its Our Children who are going to bleed



The middle east are centuries behind,
Holding to their past absolutely inclined,
To believe that all beliefs, not theirs,
Have to be wrong and can't be shared,
Progress is corrupt Moslems are right,
Christians and Jews are an evil plight,
Mohammed, the righteous, a most holy man,
In his name they pray,In his name they stand,
In his name they wage a great holy war,
That's left Christians wondering, "why and what for?"
Ages old a society caste,
It's all they know it has to last,
Youth and freedom are waves of fear,
Progress is something they can't adhere,
Each vs. the other Age against Youth,
Both believing their way is The Truth,
Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew,
Black, white, whatever the hue,
Religion here or Race there,
Air is air everywhere.


Tiffany at boot camp

  Gone For Thirteen Weeks

“Hush little baby don’t you cry, ”
Because life just isn’t a lullaby,
These are words from yesteryear,
You’re all grown up and know no fear,
Your feet tread where my mind won’t go,
Your “speed of life” don’t know “slow, ”
You’ve wondered through some dark places,
You’ve made friends with some scary faces,
Life has dealt you a few low cards,
And each one has left a scar,
Touch them lightly and trace them too,
Smile a memory they’re part of you,
Now, your future is in sight,
Make it joyous - Not a plight,
Make sure your feet are on straight,
Keep your eyes with your gait,
Hold your back erect and tall,
Keep your head through it all,
Hold to thoughts both clean and pure,
This won’t make you a bit demure,
Follow through with every deed,
Ultimately, you will succeed,
Don’t give in and don’t get mean,
And You Will Be A Great Marine.


Tuesday, September 11, 2001

This Is The Day Our Nation Mourned,
This is the day that 'Terror' was born,
For America, 'She' held her breath,
As time stood still and watched distressed:
The World Trade Center was busy at work,
Unknown to all the evil that lurked,
It was forty- five minutes after eight,
When Flight 11 and Tower One met their fate,
Heaven’s gates flew open wide,

For the first arrivals to come inside,
There were so many being led,
They didn’t realize that they were dead,
The angels mingled with all who came,
Explained to all what was to blame,
Shock then settled for they were Home,
But they had left loved ones back home alone.
As they watched from Heaven’s High,
They saw the planes cross the sky,
Knowing evil and its intent,
Knowing that it would not relent,
As they watched this evil power,
A second plane stabbed the Second Tower,
Now, they could hear the rising cries,
As the world watched more people die,
More souls now were coming in,
Angels once more would begin,
The Pentagon had now been seared,
And Americans were gripped by fear,
More souls came to Heaven’s Door,
Angels explained just like before,

One last plane with evil inside,
Its mission failed - still all died,
The passengers of this last plane,
Knew the evil and fought to tame,
They won the battle over their foes,
Heaven was waiting for Flight 93’s souls.
Smoke is rising as fireballs explode,
Screaming and crying as hysterics unfold,
Sirens are heard from all directions,
America hit with no protection,
America watched in disbelief,
For those there, there was no relief,
Tragedy loomed for eternity it seemed,
As tower two began to careen,
All were stunned as they watched this sight,
Knowing the occupants just lost their lives,
The gates to Heaven still open wide,
Angels still greeting all who arrive,
There is no end to terror this day,
As Tower One gave away,
Cries were louder and the pleas were many,
When would this horror come to a finish?

Heaven still had room inside,
For Tower One’s victims to reside.
There were phone calls home from the plane,
'I love yous' and those trying to explain,
There were 'Good byes' left with love,
And 'See you again in Heaven above, '
Picking up the pieces of the destroyed,
Has left Americans with an aching void,
Some are searching for family still,
Refusing to believe that they were killed,
Others accepted death as a fact,
Pain is endured no matter the act,
Service People have served and died,
Trying to help the people inside,
Searching and digging in tons of debris,
Trying to find life wanting to believe,
They have search teams of dogs and man,
Total strangers are lending a hand,
Pulling together is what America does best,
And these terrorists will never know rest.
Thousands of Americans for no reason died,
Our President promises that they can’t hide,
He believes that this is an act of war,
Hate is alive & strong and can’t be ignored,
Bodies are found ~ Their parts here and there,
Visions of hate are left everywhere,
Heaven’s window is crystal clear,
Loved ones watching seeing fear,
They left their strength back here on earth,
For 'US' to draw on and find rebirth,
They left this earth by body and soul,
Not leaving loved ones by letting go,
They stayed with their loves in their hearts,
They’ll stay always and never part.


For more infromation -

This link is no longer active.


(I have contacted ABC to see if they could check their archives + please give me the Peter Jennings time display of Tuesday, September 11, 2001)  As of September 11, 2008 still no answer from ABC.

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