Children learn from what they see,

From parents to ~ The collective we,

For violence ~ Now is a national pastime,

Adults are continually and severely out of line,

Parents curse ~ Yell and scream,

The world of children can be obscene,

It’s not just parents teaching them,

It’s all venues ~ Affecting her and him…


Where did it go wrong ~ What was the date?

Remember the children ~ When they didn’t know hate?

Time was once about family and friends,

A simpler time ~ When did it end?

Now, children kill children ~ In school and out?

Where is the sanity ~ What’s it about?

As the news captures ~ And broadcasts these scenes,

It happens again ~ Like a competition routine,

Some children blame bullies ~ For the abuse,

Teachers never see it ~ They’re always confused,

It’s police, teachers, coaches, games ~ Hollywood too,

Listen to what the President, Senate and Congress, ~ Spew,

America has become complacent ~ Ask yourselves, Why?

Lady Liberty’s light is harder to hold high.

She may have stumbled ~ But she didn’t fall,

America needs help ~ From one and all.

Moving on ~ To what children hear and see,

Listen and watch ~ What’s on the TV,

Clean family shows ~ Are almost nil,

Put in the F-word and guns ~ Watch people kill,

Not just cable ~ Not anymore,

The trusted three networks ~ Have opened that door,

With the lack of taboos ~ Alls fair game,

America’s children ~ Will bare America’s shame,

Don’t TV exec’s have little ones ~ Shouldn’t they care?

Respect’s been flushed ~ Into a sewer somewhere,

Apathy begets apathy ~ And a nation becomes lost,

The U.S. of A’s Greatest Resource ~ America’s Children ~ The Cost.

  JerriFaye Thomason ©2018

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