"Today's News - Is Tomorrow's History"
Our World In Poetry" is dedicated to "Our World" & "Poetry." It is an observation of the events that make up the world we live in. All news stories are researched and all pictures in this book are accompanied by the author's name. The pictures trigger a memory and the words hopefully captures the heart. People like to read about things they know or remember ~ This book does it in rhyme and the accuracies still hold true. It is also an heirloom that pictures, names & ages, and how some of these events affected their lives can be written down. Then they can be handed down to "Tomorrow's Children."

The "Painted Cave Walls" ~ Of Eons Past,
Have met printed word ~ With a camera cast,
Not yet a dinosaur ~ Bound Books shoved to the rear,
As digital emerges ~ Progress begins with a tear.

As I stated earlier this is my tribute to 'Our World' & 'Poetry' & You. It is a treasure trove of Illustrated International News written in rhyme. It is written in plain English with no hidden meaning. Everything has been researched so each piece can stand on its own integrity. I know in my heart this time period can be passed down to "Tomorrow's Children." These words and pictures hopefully will make them laugh, cry and understand some of struggles of our era. With all my heart I pray that "Tomorrow's Children" ~ Our children's children will have conquered our demons and will know inner peace. I have no words of wisdom for them ~ Just a few words of fragmented truths depending on a society past.


(a.k.a. JerriFaye Thomason)



Hello.  I am back. 

It has been a while since I've had something to say. 
Of course, I don't know much.  I have been trying my best to make some
kind of logic to ISIS.  But I swear to you there is no logic to this group of
thugs.  I have seen things that I will never unsee.  As far as I can tell this
is the first time a war has been raged and there is no voice to their reason
for war.  Even Osama left videos for us to find and hear.  I heard on one of
the news shows that ISIS has been around for 14 years.  Wow...  That's
what I thought.  But other than hating America, what do they stand for? 
People this group of idiots are DANGEROUS.  They're killing babies and
children.  They are trying to kill God.  Jesus will never be a slave to Allah. 
No matter how many they kill.  Whether you tell the truth and say "Yes,
I believe in God" or deny Him.  They are still going to kill you.  I saw an
infant laying in a laundry basket the note with the babe said, "thank
goodness he didn't have blue eyes."  We are allowing this group of thugs
to run-a-muck.  We watched genocide years ago in Africa.  We did nothing. 
We should be ashamed.

How many Seal Teams do we have?  Send them in at night and get the
children out.  Start with Syria.  Parents that love their children will help. 
They want their babies to have a chance at life.  When the Seal Teams
have done all they can to help these children.  If there is anyway this could
be going on in Iraq at the same time that would be great.  I am not sure this
is a viable plan.  Whatever part of Iraq that ISIS terrorizes the most and is
their base camp is where I'd send in our best people to get the babies and
children out.  [i.e. like in Syria the parents could try to get out quietly.] 
Because as President of America I would blow Syria and Iraq off the map.

No, I would not feel bad.  Yes, many innocent people would die.  But the
living in fear would be over.  Yes, I would hunt down the rest of ISIS and
take them out.  For the parents that made it out they of course would get their
babies back.  If not, people all over the world want these children.  The
pictures I have just seen of where fear lived in faces of small children.  There
was one I could pluck right up and bring him home to a safe haven.   

ISIS believes in nothing.  They hold nothing sacred.  They are destroying
their own history and heritage.  They destroy their own masques and laugh
while doing so.  ISIS has to be stopped.  The people of the world will have
to come together as one to defeat the barbarism that these people inflict
on the world around them and the lands they're aiming for.

Be Happy,

May 31, 2015



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Warriors are a breed unto themselves,

They fight battles in the depths of hell,

They seem to be a restless lot,

Protecting the innocent as they were taught,
A warrior is a warrior ~ All of his life,
No time for kids or a wife.


A soldier is one ~ To the left or right,

Watches one's six ~ By day and by night,

A soldier has dreams of going home,

Raising a family of his own,

A person of honor ~ Who knew when to stand,

America is America ~ Because a soldier gave a damn.


Back to the warrior ~ Who silently defends,

Instinctively knowing an enemy’s den,

At home in the midst of an ongoing war,

Home to a warrior ~ Foreign lands on distant shores.

Warriors are solitary ~ With solitary souls,
Standing for rights ~ For truth to be known,

Warriors and friendships get lost in the storm,

Trust is a luxury ~ They rarely let form,

If there's a bond ~ With whom the warrior will sup,

 Twill be a warrior's dog ~ He found as a pup.

Warriors rarely have homes ~ Just land and sky,

They live on instinct ~ To keep them alive,

Alone or together ~ Without words or growls,

They survive by knowing ~ Friend or fowl, 

Quietly warriors roam through warring domains,

Entering realizing ~ No two exits are the same,

Yet they enter ~ As the winds of war echo a plea,

It's A Warrior’s Lot ~ To Serve Where There’s A Need.


JerriFaye Thomason © 2014

{Story Poem}



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Our Warrior Dogs  ~  Thank You.


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Thank You Jesus,

Thank You Jesus for “The Old Rugged Cross,”
For all You’ve give us ~ And for those we’ve lost,
Thank You for staying and not walking away,
For hearing our words as we pray,
Thank You for wearing the “Crown of Thorns,”
For baring the pain ~ Our sins ~ You mourned,
Thank You for the spikes in Your Feet and Hands,
For telling Your Father ~ They don’t understand,
Thank You sometimes goes unsaid,
Yet, You forgive ~ And love instead,
Thank You for the spear in Your side,
For the blood You spelt ~ When crucified,
Thank You Jesus ~ For today and tomorrow,
For the happiness now ~ And then for the sorrow.


Really, thanks for coming in and reading His words.  He just allows me
to put them on paper.  For that, I am grateful.  I realize that these
poems are not religious, but they all let us know that He is here. 
He may be silent ~ But, He is not gone.  God has given us so
very  much and for the most part we ignore and neglect His
words. It may be time for us to look around at
"Our World" and realize that we are in trouble.  
He is here ~ He does see ~ He does listen ~ 
~ Silence does not equal gone ~
~ Silence equals free will ~
~ Dialog is the answer ~
~ He Is The Way ~
~ So Pray ~

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